• Koh Shimizu
  • Takami Miyaoka
  • Lv Juan
    Chinese artist Lv Juan (Qian Juan) was born in Henan province, where there is a long history and rich culture. In 1990, she went to study in Japan and was educated in the studio of the renowned Japanese ink painting artist Mr. JIN Xingshi (the founder of Tokyo painting style and new Tokyo painting style). At that time Lv Juan studied ink painting , color ink painting , mineral-color painting and so on. After that, she learned Japanese painting from the famous Japanese painter Keiko Fukuda. For a long time, planning big exhibitions of arts, calligraphy and doing academic exchange and research with other artists at home and abroad helps Lv Juan to explore her own unique painting style.

    Group Exhibitions 

    2017      A itointanseirokugeisumikaori 

                       -- Six Art Calligraphy and Painting Masters Exhibition                    (Beijing art center of red and blue of hills and rivers)

                  Lv Juan, Shogo Kariyazaki--color scheme and gorgeousness                     (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

                  22nd Annual Ink Exhibition                     (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

                  eastern source-The first time boffin work exhibition of fine arts                    (SongZhuang DaChao Art Museum)

                  The 13th time daytime Indian ink painting society exhibition                     (Yokohama-shi Yoshino-cho citizen plaza gallery) 

    2016      A masterpiece of paintings and writings exhibition from chinese nationals residing abroad                (Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad/ TianJing Hongdao                 Art Museum)

                 21st Annual Ink Exhibition     (O art museum) 

    2015      20th Annual Ink Exhibition (Chinese cultural center) 

    2014      19th Annual Ink Exhibition (Chinese cultural center) 

    2013      18th Annual Ink Exhibition (Chinese cultural center) 

    2012      17th Annual Ink Exhibition    (O art museum)

  • Liu Yushu

    After graduating from the mural department of the central academy of fine arts, Liu Yushu studied Japanese painting at the Tama art university in Japan. She takes time as the theme. and through the screen in the texture effect to feel the life of different time beauty. She was experimenting with various materials to explore Japanese painting.

    Solo Exhibitions 

    2018  「 Time lapses」(KIYOSHI ART SPACE/Tokyo)

    Group Exhibitions 

    2018   @TORIGOE @ 7th building exhibition (Tokyo Art gallery/7th building, Ginza) 

    2014  「 The third fresco exhibition」(Beijing)

  • Chen Zhuo

    Chen zhuo, a Chinese artist, holds a Master Degree in oil painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her works depict the space and characters from poetic fantasy to daily life and have always been based on realism. Using montage and abstract elements to reconstruct, and to give a new kind of mixed images and world view, are the main characteristic of her work.

    Solo Exhibitions 

    2015.11    Dedicated the absurd paean to you (Hwa’s Gallery) 

    2015.01    AURA (Gallery Yang) 

    2012.10    My loneliness is a garden (Gallery Yang)

    Group Exhibitions 

    2016.12    Aurora                       (Soka Art/Beijing)   

    2015.04    An anonymous exhibition                       (Shengzhi space/Beijing)                          

    2014.01    “ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤ” Young Chinese  artists group  exhibition                       (JJ  Gallery/Seoul) 

    2013.09    Monologue                        (Tang Gallery/Bangkok) 

    2013.01    50thyear of UNITED NATIONS FOOD PROGRAME                        Fighting Hunger worldwide (Linda Gallery) 

    2011.11    Gallery Hotel Art Project                         (Gallery Hotel/Beijing) 

    2011.01    Those most insignificant of views                          (Beijing Space/Beijing) 

    2010.10    Six+Six,Energy Pass on                          (Gallery Yang/Beijing) 

    2010.08    BCA*Timeout youth art fair-“I am”                           (Beijing Center for the arts/Beijing) 

    2009.08    From zero to hero                       (Star Gallery/Beijing)

  • CROW

    Crow, Musician and Painter. He is the founder, vocalist and songwriter of the Heavy Metal Band Medusa`s Child (1999-present). Since 1999, this band reached the Top of the music charts in North Europe with several hit songs and they have been touring around Europe and Asia for years. Their 2014 album also won a Gold award in England. However, the stages of this world were never enough for Crow. So he turned his microphone into a brush to create mystic sounds on canvas with the result that it is not enough to watch his paintings, you have to listen to them. 


    1985   Bad Salzungen Group Exhibition ,Germany       First Place

    1987-1989 Study art from Hristine Volkardt

    1988   Eisenach City Art Exhibition ,Germany

    1991-1993  Study portrait art from Guenther Hoffmann

    1996  Dermbach Arts Competition ,Germany    Quelle Award

    1999  Design merchandise for other rock bands,Germany

    2000  Bad Salzungen- Art House solo Exhibition,Germany

    2002  Cities of Thuringia design group exhibition,Silver Award

    2006  Harijavalta- Factory Arts Exhibition,Finland

    2009  Helsinki-On the Rocks Arts Group Exhibition,Finland

    2010  Frutigen Group Exhibition,Switzerland

    2012  First visit to Shanghai

    2015  Invited as guest to have “The dialogue between the east and the west” with Chinese Artist

    2016  Banshe Art Gallery,China

    2016  Bund 6 “Painted Songs” Solo Exhibition,China

    2016  Invited as the first Artist guest ever on Ferrari Racing Day,China

    2016  Invited to give Arts lecture in Osaka/Kobe,Japan

    2016  Invited by German City Museum to present solo Exhibition in 2018, China

    2017  March,Found the first “Art Rock Festival” China

    2017  September ,the only invited Arts Exhibition “Painted Songs ” in Shanghai Tattoo Extreme Expo 2017

    2017  October,“ Art Rock Festival”  Japan

    2017  November,Solo Exhibition “Ju” in Artgogo Gallery , China

    2017  December ,Group Exhibition in Art Review Museum , China

  • Choji Beniko

    Ms.Choji has been very active having solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in and around Tokyo since 2014 after my graduation. She became one of very popular artist and her work quickly sold out at her exhibitions at department store galleries. She is a member of the Naive Art of Japan and has received many awards at the Naive Art of Japan.

    Ms.Beniko Choji wants to draw a human like figure with internal emotions and a quiet expression rather than a portrait of people.


    2017 Jan. Beniko Choji Exhibition @Doma Kitchen in Marina del Rey, LA

    2016 Oct. ~ Nov. Bijinga & Mythology @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA


    2015  Next Art Exhibition Selected

    2014  Shizen Ten Art Exhibition at Ueno Royal Museum

    2014  The 31st FUKUI Thumb hole Art Exhibition Selected

    2014  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition The 40th Memorial Award

    2013  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Ueno Royal Museum Award

    2012  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Japan Modern Naive Art Award

    2011  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Selected

    2010  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Excellence Award

  • feebee

    feebee has been creating illustrations for advertisements and products since 2002. She decided to develop her carrier as a painter only a few years ago. She expresses her creativity through colorful paintings with delicate lines, about the themes of « fear, life and death, cycles » Starting from 2010, she exhibits her works in various places in Tokyo, but also in Kuala Lumpur, in Paris and in Miami.


    Solo Exhibition (Selection) 


    "Modern Japan"  Kinokuniya Gallery /Sinjuku,Tokyo


    "Modern Japan"  Gyaruryi de Printemps / Ginza Printemps /Ginza,Tokyo

    "Modern Japan"  Sotetsu Gallery / Yokohama,Kanagawa

    "Modern Japan"  NOS / Ebisu,Tokyo


    Group Exhibition, Planning Exhibition (Selection)


    Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 3.0" / hpgrp Gallery Tokyo / Tokyo


    Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 3.0" / hpgrp Gallery NewYork / NewYork

    "Ghost Gallery" Vanilla Gallery / Ginza,Tokyo


    Enterprise collaboration Art Tokyo "KONA BEER" / MDP Gallery / Tokyo

    Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 2.0" / Roppongi Hills A/D GALLERY / Tokyo


    feebee & SIGE two people Exhibition "This is not a flower" / Gallery Yamaneko / Ogose,Saitama


    "Red dot art fair 2011" / Miami, United States

    "Paris je t'aime Exhibition 2011" NOCTUDine / France, Paris


    "DC SHOES Skateboard Exhibition" / DC Store / Harajuku,Tokyo

    "Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010" / Kuala Lumpur, Marejia

    "Gomineko Books presents Kitsune" / The Ghetto Gallery / Tokyo

    "TRISTAR 2010 WORLD STARS VOL.2" / charity participation


    "WIDESPREAD @ MADO LOUNGE" / Roppongi Hills / Tokyo

    "WIDESPREAD" / Ginza Armani / Ginza,Tokyo



    Originally named as Wuyang, born in Sichuan province (China). After achieving the bachelor degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts he is based in Tokyo for work and life. As an artist, she focuses on the traditional Chinese culture and he create mix media arts with main elements like dragon, figure of Buddha, Bodhisattva, flowers, birds etc. 

    Group Exhibitions

    2016  The 12th The World Painting Contest ,Sponsor Company Award , Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art

    2014 China Yiwu International Arts Fair,China ,  Yiwu

    2014 China Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Exposition, China, Shenzhen

    2014 China Suzhou Cultural and Creative industry Expo, China, Suzhou

    2013 China Modern illustrator art award, Contemporary art gallery, Shanghai

    2012 The 30th Barcelona Cartoon Festival, Special Jury Prize, Spain, Barcelona.

    2011 Japan Yubari Film Festival, Japan, Yubari

    2010 The Chinese Culture Festival, Russia, Moscow

    2009 The 11th National Fine Arts Exhibition, National Art Museum of China


    2015 Art book [Shi Lian]

    2014 Art book [Wei Tang Ji]

    2012 Illustration [Long si]

    2011 APP Illustration [Dragon Hunter]

    2010 Art book [Sui Hua Xun Meng] 


    1977 Born in Inner Mongolia, China

    2002 BA, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

    2006 MA, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

    Lives and Works in Beijing, China

    Solo Exhibitions

    2015  [ASURA SUKHAVATI], Hive Center for Contemporary Art,Beijing,China

    2013  Visual Stream of Consciousness, Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    2012  A Thousand Kisses Deep, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

    2009  Seeking the Recluse but not Meeting, Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

    2008  Xi Jia – Lethe, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

    2007  Song Kun, Solo Project, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California, USA

    2006  It’s My Life, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

    Group Exhibitions

    2016 [She],Long Museum, Shanghai, China

             [Unrealities in the Reality], Shenzhen,China

             [Exotic Stranger],Paris,France

    2015 Up, Beijing Time Art Museum,China

             China 8, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Germany

             The Temperature of History: Contemporary concerns,Art Theater,China Art Museum,Shanghai

             Film, Art Basel, Hongkong

    2014 The World III in the Third World, Chulalongkorn University,Bangkok, Thailand

             Island,Modernsky Lab, Beijing, China

             Friends,Pool and Waves,Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

             Hazing Kyoto, Star Gallery, Beijing

             Uneasy Trip in Asia IV,Star Gallery, Beijing, China

             N12-No.6, Lin&Lin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, China

             My Generation: Young Chinese Artists, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, USA

             N12-No.5, Beijing Commune, Beijing, China

    2013 Criss-Cross, Long Museum, Shanghai, China

             Being Entangled with Paper, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

             Atypical, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing, China

             Uneasy Trip in Asia IV, Poly Arts Centre, Hong Kong, China

             Being Is Not Being, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

             Frieze New York, New York, USA

           Uneasy Trip in Asia, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

             Art13 London, London,UK

             The Food in the World, Linda Art Center, Beijing, China

    2012 Paradise in the east, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China

             Face, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

             Lust and Love of the Young and Liberated, 798 Space, Beijing, China

             Narcissism, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

             Stranger! , HdA Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany

             Sleep in spring, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China

    2011 Daybreak, Arario Gallery, Beijing Space, China

             Half the Sky-Women in the New Art of China, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

             In A Perfect World, Meulensteen Gallery, New York, USA

    2010 Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

             Do You See What I Mean, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA

             The Armory Show, New York, USA

             The Mirror of This Time, Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, China

    2009 Touch, A4 Gallery, Chengdu, China

             Pick Up All the Winter Branches, Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

             NOTCH09 Art Festival, The VILLAGE, Beijing, China

             Kyoka Suigetsu--Female Contemporary Art, Power Center Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

             Hello, Sadness, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

    2008 Looking for Me, Minsheng Contemporary Arts Center, Shanghai, China

             Art39Basel--Art Premiere section, Basel, Switzerland

    2007 2nd Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts Forms of Concepts, Wuhan, China

    2006 Body - Boundary, Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA

             Transgression, PIFO New Art Studio, Beijing, China

             Chaos City, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

             N12- No.4, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China

    2005 Naughty Kids, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

             N12- No.3, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

             The Second Chinese Art Triennial, Nanjing Art Museum, Nanjing, China

    2004 New Wave, Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing/ Singapore

             N12- No.2, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

             Mode of Sensibility, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

             Made in China, Design in France, Paul Ricard Gallery, Paris, France

             Beijing-Dezoned-Paris, Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, France

    2003 N12- No.1, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

    2000 Water-First Show of Exo-Site Art Program, Huanyi Warehouse, Beijing, China

    1999 The Second Factory Time, Yunfeng Gallery, Beijing, China


    2014 Don’t worry garden, Houyuan,Beijing, China

             Island, Modernsky, Lab, Beijing, China

    2013 Being Is Not Being,UCCA,Beijing

    2012 Lull&Noise in Dog Night No.1, Temple Bar, Beijing

             This Is Not A Fashion Party, 798 AKRYL space, Beijing

             qīng míng.Sleep in Spring, C5Art Center, Beijing

             Lull&Noise in Dog Night No.2, School club, Beijing

             Paradise in The East, C5 Art Center, Beijing

             Stranger!, HDA Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany


    2008 LIA Leipizig International Art Program, Leipizig, Germany

    2014 Island, Modernsky Lad Art Program, Phuket, Thailand

    2016 Big Whale, Berlin, Germany


    Giraud Pissarro Segalot, New York, USA

    Francois Pinault Collection, Paris, France

    Sigg Collection, Switzerland

    Giraud Pissarro Segalot

    Francois Pinault


    1989 Born in Beijing,China

    2011 Studied as Chinese painting major in Central Academy of Fine Arts

    2017 Graduated Tama Art University Japanese Painting Course Master Degree

              Assistant of Tama Art University Japanese painting Course

    Awards and Selections

    2012 Win The Third Rank at Beijing Music contest for students studing abroad

    2013 Sato Taisei Japanese painting award, Selected Work

    2014 Shell Art Award 2014, Selected Work

    2014 FACE 2015, Selected Work

    2014 NEXT ART, Selected Work

    2015 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2015

    2015 Shell Art Award 2015, Selected Work

    2015 FACE 2016, Selected Work

    2016 Tokyo Wounder Wall 2016, Award for Shintaro Ishihara

    2016 20th The Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, Selected Work

    Solo Exhibition

    2014 -Feel of Chinese Landscape- (Gallery b.Tokyo/Tokyo)

    2015 -Feel of Chinese Landscape Vol.2- (Gallery b.Tokyo/Tokyo)

    2015 -Dialogue- Space2*3 / Tokyo 

    2016 -Tao Yuan Short Trip- (Shonandai MY Gallery/Tokyo)

    2017 -Flavor of Chinese Utopia in Grotto- (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo/Tokyo)


    2014 Fuyuhiko Yamamoto Art Collection Exhibition (Gallery Yasashii Yokan/Tokyo)

    2014 New City Art Fair Taipei (Son Shan Cultural Park/Taiwan)

    2014 Shell Art Award Exhibition 2014 (The National Art Center/Tokyo)

    2015 FACE 2015 Exhibition (Sonpo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art/tokyo)

    2015 Next Art Exhibition (Matsuya/Tokyo)

    2015 Exhibition for Traditional Japanese Paper (Fei Art Museum Yokohama/Kanagawa)

    2015 Maruyama Art Collection Exhibition (E&C Gallery/Fukui)

    2015 Mitsukoshi Special Seleced Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi/Tokyo)

    2015 Chinese & Japanese Contemporary Painting Exhibition (Takasaki City Gallery/Gunma)

    2015 Shell Art Award Exhibition 2015 (The National Art Center/Tokyo)

    2015 22th Sesshu International Art Association Exhibition (The National Art Center/Tokyo)

    2016 Young Art Taipei 2016 (Sheratong Hote/Taiwan)          

    2016 KAOSHIUNG TODAY 2016 (Kaohsiung Exhibition Center/Taiwan)

    2016 ART TAICHUNG 2016 (Millennium Hotels and Resorts/Taiwan)

    2016 1440 (Sato Museum of Art/Tokyo)

    2017 20th The Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition (Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa)

    2017 ART FORMOSA 2017 (Eslite Hotel/Taiwan)


    Professor of Communication University of China

    Teacher of Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Born in Beijing in 1973

    Graduated from the First Studio of Oil Painting Department,

    Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1998


    1997  Contemporary college Sketch Art Exhibition (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)

    2005  "Resurrection" Art Exhibition (Century Theatre, Beijing, China)

              Academism of fourteen people painting exhibition (Beijing, China)

    2008  The Third International Church art exhibition (Century Theatre, Beijing, China)

             “Inspiration•2008”-SIEMENS appliances second painted refrigerator Art Exhibition (Red House Gallery, Beijing, China)

             2008 Art Beijing (National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China)

    2009  “Transformation and renewal” Art Exhibition (Gold Mantis Art Center, Beijing, China)

    2010  “Different approaches to the same purpose” Art Exhibition (Song Art Museum, Beijing, China)

              2010 Songzhuang International Art Festival (China•Songzhuang, Beijing, China)

    2011  “Under the sun”-Double solo exhibition (Chang Art Gallery, Beijing, China)

             “New imagery ”Art Exhibition (Song Art Museum, Beijing, China)

             “Primary tenses” Art Exhibition (Temporal Space Gallery, Beijing, China)

    2012  “Inheritance and innovation”Art Exhibition (The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)

             Backstreet Art Museum Opening Exhibition (Backstreet Art Museum, Beijing, China)

    2013  “Phoenix Chinese young artists program 2012-2013”Art Exhibition (Phoenix Art Museum, Wuxi, China)

             “WE:1994-2013”-20 year anniversary of Songzhuang special exhibition (Songzhuang art museum, Beijing, China)

             “Drift in the Academy of Fine Arts”-CAFA station Songzhuang Artists Exhibition (Shangshang art museum, Beijing, China)

             The French winter Salon (Montreuil Convention Center, Paris, French)

    2014  The art works exhibition of Communication University of China•2014 (Shangshang art museum, Beijing, China)

             2014•Asian young artists nominated Exhibition (Songyang art museum, Beijing, China)

             2014•Pulau Ketam Asian Arts Festival (Pulau Ketam, Malaysia)

    2015  2015•Art Beijing (National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China)

             “Can not forget the memories”- Commemorate the 70 anniversary of China's Anti Japanese War and the victory of the anti fascist war Art Exhibition (Eastern Art Center, Beijing, China)

             “Kunstrai” International Art Exposition (Amsterdam, Holland)

             “Art Laren” Art Exhibition (Amsterdam, Holland)

            “Scan” Contemporary Art Exhibition-Shanghai Station (Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai, China)

             “Classic Art” Exhibition (Brussels, Belgium)

             “Scan” Contemporary Art Exhibition:2015-2016 (Landscape Art Museum, Beijing, China)

    2016  “Scan” Contemporary Art Exhibition-Shenzhen Station (Sugutang Art Museum, Shenzhen, China)

              2016•Art Beijing (National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China)

              The art works exhibition of Communication University of China•2016 (Shangshang art museum, Beijing, China)

              2016 Pulau Ketam Asian Arts Festival (Pulau Ketam, Malaysia)

             “Art Luxemdourg”(Luxembourg)

    2017   “Art Karlsruhe in Germany”(Germany)

              2017•Art Beijing (National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China)

              “The dignity of the lonely” Art Exhibition( Laotesi Chen Art space,Beijing, China)

             “Kiyoshi Art Space 2017” Art Exhibition(Kiyoshi Art Space,Tukyo,Japan)

  • Zhao Zelun

    China-born artist that works in Tokyo for now.His art is expressed by powerful line.He is good at catching energy of nature and make a strong work to show it.In addition, he is attach importance to literature& arts relevance, and attempt at various of artist form.

    Solo Exhibitions 

    2017   Solo exhibition "DAI RYO" (KIYOSHI ART SPACE/Tokyo) 

    Group Exhibitions 

    2017   "LIU" exhibition (Gallery Concept21/Tokyo)  

              JAALA International Art Exhibition (Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo) 

    2016   2016 Yamanekoken (Gallery Yamanekoken) 

    2015   Shanxi Fine Art Exhibiyion (Shanxi,China) 

    Published Works 

    2015   Art Book "Fog Swamp"